the love of horses

(me with horses on a ranch in Arizona)
I try to keep my posts light hearted but this morning I cannot help but post about a cause that I hold very near and dear, animal cruelty (specifically horse cruelty). I have spent my entire life around horses and actually had the privilege of owning two when I was younger. I can honestly say that my experience with these amazing creatures changed my life--giving me not only confidants but confidence. To me, there is no better feeling than walking into a barn and being greeted by your horse with a whinny or than being able to trust an 1,000 pound animal enough to lay down beside it. Which is why it completely breaks my heart when people treat them with neglect.

A couple of weeks ago, the New York Times wrote an article about the startling increase in abandonment and mistreatment of horses in the US due to the poor economic conditions. For many of those horses it was too late but today there is another heartbreaking story in the news. On the today show it was reported that 177 Thoroughbreds had been left to fend for themselves all winter long at a farm in upstate New York. These horses had been left for dead and were discovered emaciated, cut up and full of infections. Fortunately these horses were discovered and now 67 of them are in desperate need of a home. So, as the story stated "So if you have a big backyard, and a big heart, please consider getting one." You can learn more about what you can do by visiting the Columbia Green Humane Society Website.

I am terribly sorry to be so long winded but it is hard not to be on a topic that I care about so deeply. I just cannot imagine how anyone could dream of hurting such spectacular animals. Is there a cause that you have the same passion for?


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