my style [tag]

When Alex from the fabulous blog, From the Right Bank to the Left Coast, tagged me to share one picture that reflects my style I thought it would be a pretty east task but I was quite wrong! My head began spinning and I came up with a list of all the elements this space would have but I couldn't find the perfect representation in a room. Yesterday morning I was perusing my daily morning reads and I came across the workspace of Milly designer, Michelle Smith, over at Kylie's truly lovely blog, Bandelle. And it was love at first sight!

I know that it is a fairly simple space but it truly has all the design elements that I long for-- traditional sensibility, modern touches, abundant light, gorgeous dark hardwood floors and splashes of vibrant color.

(images originally appeared in Traditional Home)
I would do almost anything to have that sofa--such beautiful structure and I can't help but smile when I admire the fabric. Ok, now to pass on this fun and challenging tag to five more bloggers--Christina of Down and Out Chic, Jess at The Homebound, paula of Two Ellie, Christina of You Can Call Me Chris, cmoi of Simply Seductive and anyone else that would like to join in!

Also, I have a hard time putting words to my style. Am I the only one with this problem? If not, how do you describe your style?


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