{random musings} the power of a handwritten note

(via flickr)
This morning I was looking through some pictures and found some letters I was written. It got me thinking how when you are reading a letter from someone in their own handwriting the new meaning it takes on. When the same words are placed in e-mail form their is a "je ne sais quoi" that is lost. I think there are many things that are easy to say in Tahoma font that you wouldn't say or would say differently if in your own handwriting. I love in old movies when you seen lovers separated by distance writing these passionate letters to each other and the excitement of the recipient upon receipt. Staring out the window waiting for the postman to arrive definitely is a different experience than constantly refreshing an e-mail inbox. I think that I am going to try and start sending more letters and that I will send them in these envelopes:

(found via Cup of Jo from Etsy shop high street market)
And maybe add this book to my Christmas list:

(available here)
I would love to know- do you write letters? Do you agree that the power of the handwritten word is more impacting than electronic communications?


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