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(sadly not sure where I found this-but shows exactly how excited I am right now)
I am always so tickled that people read my blog and just ecstatic that they actually enjoy it! So, I was very excited when the brilliantly creative Tina (you have to check out her beautiful holiday cards) of Luphia Loves passed on this blog love award! First of all-thank you!

So, now I am supposed to pass on this award too seven blogs I love! I adore each and every blog on my blog roll that picking only seven would be incredibly hard. So, I bent the rules a little bit and decided to award the blog love award to my seven favorite posts of the week! And here they are:

(1) Courtney at Under a Paper Moon's post Candy Cane Lane, featuring two of the most stunning wedding inspiration boards I have ever seen.

(2) Miss Aimee at Mostly Mod's Gold Challenge, featuring one of my favorite colors and some beautiful gilded finds.

(3) Emma at White & Wander's (one of my new favorite reads!) post showcasing my new dream bedroom!

(4) Joslyn at Simple Lovely's post on this to die for bracelet.

(5) Courtney at In(side) the Loop's post on her family's amaretto recipe which they bottle in the cutest packing for the holidays.

(6) Anne at City Sage's post about, actually a guest post/interview of hers, that features the most adorable picture from her 2007 holiday card. It is guaranteed to make you smile!

(7) Chelsea at Frolic's very cute post on winter cyclists. Brr!!

Hope you enjoy these delightful posts as much as I did!

All seven of you can, if you choose, play along and the rules (that I broke!) are:
- The nominated is allowed to put the picture on their blogs
- Link to the person who awarded you.
- Nominate seven other people and link to the
- Leave a message on those people's blog to make them aware that they're nominated.


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