In my dreams...

I just love the way a well styled space can make you feel. The way that coming home to one makes me feel better than many things can. This is why I would love to have my own personal interior stylist to re-stage my home every time I went to work. So, I found the perfect person for the job, Katie Sellers (hey, a girl can dream!) Every single space that she styles exudes the warmth, charm and aesthetic pleasure that are my idea of perfect.

I mean, how you could you not want to get out of bed in the morning if you could spruce yourself up at this vanity?

Or not want to come home to cook a lovely meal in these kitchens?

And to have fresh flowers throughout the house would make each day just a little happier.

And lastly to have a home completely filled with sunlight! Now that would be my idea of perfection. Do you have a stylist's portfolio that you would like to move into?


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