searching for structure...

(via corrie bond)
The past few days I have realized that my posts have been quite random and each so different than then last. I am thinking that I need to add a little more structure to my postings. I happen to love being random but I am also quite envious of fellow bloggers that designate days for certain topics (such as Under the Paper Moon's Wedding Wednesday or Mosty Mod's Tasty Tuesdays) or have certain series that they post each week. The only structure I currently have is my cheap(er) chic series and they are always my favorite posts to put together. So, I have been trying to come up with more regular series and would love to get your thoughts! Which posts or topics are your favorites? Do you like ones on color, fashion, recipes, accessories, specific rooms, stylists, photographers or ones that are more personal? A favorite delight by design post?

Any and all feedback would be very helpful!I am so excited for your thoughts.


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