afternoon project {calling card pin board}

I have very awkward shelves (skinny and shallow) just to the left of my refrigerator that don't fit anything other than perhaps a random candle or two. It has bothered me for quite some time now that I can't store or display anything useful in them and today decided to take action! As luck would have it I then I realized that my vase full of corks (I love collecting them) was full and it hit me that I could somehow place the corks in my awkward shelves and use it as pin board.

So I tried and the corks fit perfectly! However, I couldn't quite figure out exactly what to pin to my newly installed cork board, as everything was too large to make sense--that is other than calling cards...

So I now have a calling card board, am no longer bothered by my awkward shelves and can now see all the fun patterns adorned on my cork collection!


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