subdued + splendid

 Do you ever wish you could have a reversible room? One where you could flip a switch and the palette of a room would instantly either be turned up a notch or just let your eyes relax in a neutral space.  This question was sparked when I came across this adorable reversible Marc by Marc Jacobs bag -- it has a classic shape and can be worn in a pewter gray or electric blue. Although the bag looks lovely either way I decided that no, I wouldn't want such a thing to exist in the world of interiors. Color is not all there is to a room. The details, amazing light fixtures and the textures that are chosen to complement a restrained palette would get lost in a sea of Tangerine Tango or whatever the "of the moment "color may be. I know I can't imagine these rooms in bold colors, can you? Pretty jaw dropping just the way they are...


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