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Tina over at the lovely blog, Luphia Loves, just tagged me to share six quirky and uninteresting facts about myself. I have to say I am a little nervous! This was one of those games I always dreaded at school orientation sessions and that was just having to say ONE interesting thing. Ok, so here is goes..


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(1) This one is quirky and a little embarrassing too: I like to dip graham crackers in red wine (yes, even good red wine!). I know it is not very lady like but it is really quite good.

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(2) I am convinced that even the most dangerous animals would not hurt me. In particlular, I am sure if I fell in to the polar bear tank at Lincoln Park zoo that they would save me.

(Colin and Tally-Ho)

(3) I have about 100 nicknames for my dogs, most of which have nothing to do with their actual names. For instance Tally-Ho goes by Doodles, Wags, Talliburton, Skitterbug and Goose.

(4) I wear flip flops in the winter, even if there is a foot of new snow on the ground (which, in Jackson there typically is!

(5) No matter how expensive gas is or how low my tank is, I only put $10 in (something I have picked up from my dad!).

(6) I cannot leave the house, even to go to skiing, without putting on my favorite Chanel lipstick. I also really love the way Chanel lipstick smells!

Ok, I time to pass on the love to the lovely authors of some of my more recent reads:

Lovely Happenings



I almost forgot-you need to pass on the rules and make sure you leave comments on a post of the blogger to let them know that they "are it!".


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